Beethoven's Creative Vision: Journeys and Worlds

Mon, 14/11/2016 to Wed, 16/11/2016



Barbara Barry (University of London)


The "Creative Vision" conference will bring together musicians from different areas of musical life and different countries to learn, listen, and share ideas. Musicologists will have more than one function: as well as giving their papers, they will lead master classes and panel discussions with an inter-generational audience. 

The goal of the conference is to explore Beethovens creative vision from the perspectives of "the work as a world" as a defined entity of structure and compositional planning: and "the work as a journey," where the pieces narrative of initiation, digression, and return has parallels with both physical journeys and journeys of memory and experience. Three works from different genres will be featured in the papers and performance sessions: the Eroica Symphony; the "Appassionata" Piano Sonata; and the String Quartet in B-flat major, Opus 130, with the Grosse Fuge, and sometimes the alternative finale.


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Gadi Abbadi (Jerusalem Music Center)
Barbara Barry (University of London)
Bella Brover (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance)
Bathia Churgin (Bar-Ilan University)
Peter Donohoe (international pianist)
Josef Goldenberg (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance)
Alan Gosman (University of Arkansas)
Ethan Haimo (Bar-Ilan University)
Roger Kamien (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
David Levy (Wake Forest University)
Haim Permont (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Jeremy Yudkin (Boston University)