Jerusalem Nonadiabatica 2018

Mon, 12/03/2018 to Thu, 15/03/2018
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Roi Baer (The Hebrew University)
Eberhard K.U. Gross (The Hebrew University & MPI Halle)
Daniel Neuhauser (UCLA)
Igor Schapiro (The Hebrew University)

The conference Jerusalem Nonadiabatica 2018 will gather experts in theoretical, methodological, and computational approaches of nonadiabatic effects in chemistry, biology, molecular physics, and materials science. Ubiquitous in numerous photochemical, photobiological, and electron induced dynamics, such effects enable efficient transfer of electronic excitation energy to nuclear kinetic energy and vice versa, often causing irreversible transfer of potential energy to heat – or forming a unique mechanism for reactions that are forbidden in the adiabatic framework. 

Some of the contributions to this session will be published in a special issue of Molecular Physics, as part of the Festschrift honoring Michael Baer’s 80th birthday. 


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