Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Interfaces (NaNaInt)

Mon, 03/04/2017 to Wed, 05/04/2017
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Ehud Gazit (Tel Aviv University)
Raz Jelinek (Ben-Gurion University)
Daniel Mandler (The Hebrew University)


Nanoscience and nanotechnology are prominent research fields, conduits for varied technological breakthroughs and innovative products, yet still a highly active frontier for new discoveries.  While the initial focus of the “nanotechnology revolution” has been upon production and applications of “free standing” nanoparticles and nanostructures, usually dispersed in solutions, the significance of interfaces has become apparent in many nanostructure-based systems and practical devices.  Furthermore, interfaces have been shown to have pivotal roles in shaping the structural features and physical properties of nanostructures produced upon them.  Indeed, research focusing on interfaces between nano-systems and other substances - both interfaces that are directly involved in the synthesis/assembly processes as well as interfaces serving as functional platforms for nanostructure practical applications - have gained a prominent stage in nanoscience and technology research.  In particular, patterning of interfaces with nanomaterials is of utmost importance, where communicating between the macro to the nano-world and addressing individual nano-objects is already one of the challenges in this multidisciplinary field. The proposed Workshop is designed to illuminate the diverse aspects of this multidisciplinary field, stimulate conversations among scientists active in this field, and highlight research efforts by Israeli scientists who have established major research programs focusing on nano-systems and interfaces.


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Lihi Adler-Abramovich, Tel Aviv University
Nurit Ashkenasy, Ben-Gurion University
Uri Banin, The Hebrew University
Electra Gizeli, IMBB Forth, Greece
Yael Hanein, Tel-Aviv University
Ernesto Joselevich, Weizmann Institute
Tuomas Knowles, University of Cambridge
Yamuna Krishnan, University of Chicago
Junbai Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Efrat Lifshitz, Technion
Sharon Marx, Israel Institute of Biological Research
Alvaro Mata, Queen Mary University
Raffaele Mezzenga, ETH Zurich
Martin Pumera, Nanyang Technological University
Meital Reches, The Hebrew University
Adi Salomon, Bar-Ilan University
Samuel I. Stupp, Northwestern University
Tanja Weil, University of Ulm
Bai Yang, Jilin University
Juyoung Yoon, Ewha Womans University
Junjie Zh, Nanjing University