2022.2023 Pre Proposal Form

An abstract of not more than 500 words that states the motivation and the goals of the Research Group. The abstract should explain the project’s special significance to scholars that are not necessarily experts in this research topic and scholars from other disciplines.
Provide 3-5 keywords that are relevant to the proposed topic (do not repeat keywords that appears in the title)
Length: 1 page a. List of proposed participants including their current institutional affiliation, Academic degree and detailed academic status (e.g. chair, directors, emeritus, postdoctoral, independent scholar). b. Please indicate whether the proposed fellows have been IIAS fellows or visiting scholars in the past. Specify the academic year of the past Research Group. This applies to the initiator(s) and the proposed fellows.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Please list any additional needs of the group (special tours, video conference room etc.).
Please mention any potential conflict of interest (e.g., family relations, academic relationships). If none, please add a statement to this effect.
Please mention issues related to (lack of) diversity. (e.g. geographical, women, post-doctoral, academic maturation of members/ guests).