The 22nd Midrasha Mathematicae 2018-2019


The 22nd Midrasha Mathematicae

Equidistribution, Invariant Measures and Applications: A tribute to the Legacy of Marina Ratner

Event date: May 19 - May 24, 2019 


General Director:  Peter Sarnak (IAS Princeton)



Konstantin Khanin (University of Toronto)

Elon Lindenstrauss (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Jens Marklof (University of Bristol)

Yakov Pesin (Penn State University)


Marina Ratner's work on homogeneous dynamics, specifically her landmark results on classifying invariant measures and invariant sets under the action of unipotent groups, are a cornerstone of modern ergodic theory. They have had remarkable impact in various branches of mathematics, which is only growing over time. The Midrasha will be devoted to recent developments that build on and extend Ratner’s seminal work, including: unipotent flows and their applications to counting and equidistribution; diagonal flows on homogenous spaces, and their applications in arithmetic and beyond; measure and orbit classification results for dynamics on moduli spaces of abelian and quadratic differentials; stationary measures and associated random walks in the homogeneous and non-homogeneous spaces. This Midrasha will provide a unique opportunity to remember Marina Ratner (1938–2017) and to celebrate her legacy.


We would like to thank The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Prof. Misha Brin, the Einstein Institute of Mathematics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for funding the school, and the NSF for their assistance with travel expenses for US participants.


Minicourses Lecturers:

Hee Oh, Yale University

Barak Weiss,Tel Aviv University



Yves Benoist, Univerisé Paris-Sud

Aaron Brown, University of Chicago

Dmitry Dolgopyat, University of Maryland

Manfred Einsiedler, ETH Zürich

Alex Eskin, The University of Chicago

David Fisher, Indiana Universityy Bloomington

Hillel Furstenberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Adam Kanigowski, University of Maryland

Ilya Khayutin, Princeton University

Amos Nevo, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Federico Rodriguez Hertz, Penn State University

Nimish Shah, Ohio State University

Uri Shapira, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Andreas Strömbergsson, Uppsala University

Jacob Tsimerman, University of Toronto

Corinna Ulcigrai, University of Bristol

Tamar Ziegler, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



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