Lü Jianfu

Shaanxi Normal University

Lü Jianfu is the director of the Research Center for Religious Studies at Shaanxi Normal University. He is mainly engaged in researching and teaching religious studies, focusing on Esoteric (Tantric) Buddhism. Some of his research projects have included Ideological History of the Tantric Buddhism, Sorting and Researching on Literature and Cultural Relics of the Esoteric Buddhism and Historical Experimental Research on Multi-Ethnic Rational Utilization and Protection of the Grassland Environment of Qinghai. His representative works include The History of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism (the first edition, China Social Science Press, 1995 and revised edition of 2010, Taiwan Kongting Reading Garden, traditional Chinese, 2010) and The History of Tu Nationality (China Social Science Press, 2002). The scientific research project he presides over is a Chinese national social science fund project focusing on the History of the Thought of Esoteric Buddhism.