The Humanities in the Age of Loneliness: Repairing a Broken World *POSTPONED*

Wed, 10/02/2021

IIAS Lecture Hall 130

**This event has been postponed. Updated dates TBA**

A Public Lecture by Robert Newman, President and Director of the National Humanities Center


Drawing on E. O. Wilson’s renaming of the Anthropocene as the Eremocene, or The Age of Loneliness, this talk considers the crisis of climate change also as a Constitutional crisis. It looks to the revolutionary idealism and citizenry which forged the American Constitution, with principles grounded in the humanities, as potential antidotes to this situation and argues that humanities educators must play a central role in the implementation of these antidotes. To do so, we need to avoid a capitulation to narrow definitions of value that evade the nuance and complexity so ingrained in the humanities and to broaden our conceptions of our profession and our pedagogy.

* This event is sponsored by the Moises Starosta Fund for Guest Lectureres at the IIAS


Open Lecture Robert Newman