About the Bruno Award

The Michael Bruno Memorial Award was initiated in 1999 in memory of Professor Michael Bruno, after his untimely death in 1996. Professor Bruno served as Governor of the Bank of Israel from 1986-1991, was awarded the Israel Prize for Economics, and was Chair of the Board of the Rothschild Prizes Organization.

This prestigious award seeks to identify and honour three outstanding Israeli young scholars each year who symbolize not only the excellence of scholarship, but who also possess the leadership that has the potential to impact academic life in Israel, beyond their specific fields of research. Each laureate is expected to present a proposal that details how, in conjunction with the IIAS, they will continue to pursue new fields of research in order to fulfil their academic goals.

One characteristic of Bruno laureates is their ability to move creatively beyond their current fields of research, entering new avenues. It is this creativity which the IIAS seeks to embrace and support.


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