The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) is Israel’s primary institution for facilitating outstanding collaborative academic research. Our mission is to create multidisciplinary learning communities of academics from around the world who engage in joint research projects. With their fellowship at the Institute as the launching-pad for long-term interaction, the Institute contributes to the interchange of knowledge and the vitality of academic life in Israel and throughout the world.

The Institute was established by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1975 as a self-governing body. Every year, IIAS hosts between three to five Research Groups, for up to ten months, in diverse and wide-ranging fields of study, and six Victor Rothschild Memorial Advanced Schools in Theoretical Physics, Economic Theory, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities, and Computer Science and Engineering.

Since its establishment, the Institute has provided its scholars with openness and academic freedom that encourages their scientific and intellectual exchanges. Released from their usual teaching and research obligations, they pursue their projects in a privileged environment that stimulates reflection and innovation, attaining original research and the emergence of new perspectives, approaches and paradigms.