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Computer Science- Upcoming School: 2019-2020


The Mathematics of Quantum Computation:
The 4th Winter School in Computer Science and Engineering

Event date: December 15-19, 2019


General Director: Moshe Vardi (RICE University)

Co-Director: Yair Weiss (The Hebrew University)


Dorit Aharonov (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Zvika Brakerski (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Or Sattath (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Amnon Ta-Shma (Tel Aviv University)


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On 15-19 December 2019, we will be organizing a math-oriented quantum computation school in the IIAS at the Hebrew university. No prior knowledge on quantum will be assumed. The school will introduce TCS and math students and faculty, who are interested in the more mathematical side of the area, to the beautiful and fascinating mathematical open questions in quantum computation, starting from scratch. We hope to reach a point where participants gain initial tools and basic perspective to start working in this area. 

To achieve this, we will have several mini-courses, each of two or three hours, about central topics in the area. These will include quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, quantum supremacy, delegation and verification, interactive proofs, cryptography, and Hamiltonian complexity. We will emphasize concepts, open questions, and links to mathematics. We will have daily TA sessions with hands-on exercises, to allow for a serious process of learning. 

There will be two rounds of registration. The deadline for applying is September 15th, 2019. If there is room, there will be another deadline sometime in October; please follow this page for further announcements. 

Hope to see you this coming December! 


Main Speakers:

Adam Bouland, University of California, Berkeley

Sergey Bravyi, IBM

Matthias Christandl, University of Copenhagen

Sandy Irani, University of California, Irvine

Avishay Tal, University of California, Berkeley

Thomas Vidick, California Institute of Technology


Rabin Lecture: 

Boaz Barak, Harvard University


Additional lectures given by:

Dorit Aharonov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Zvika Brakerski, Weizmann Institute of Science

Or Sattath, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Teaching Assistant:

Chinmay Nirkhe, University of California, Berkeley

Andras Gilyen, Caltech


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