Behavioral Ethics Meets Corporate Governance: Paradigm Shift? (Research Group Conference)

Tue, 18/05/2021 to Thu, 20/05/2021



Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan University)
Adi Libson (Bar-Ilan University)
Gideon Parchomovsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem/ University of Pennsylvania)


The conference will explore the intersection between behavioral ethics and corporate governance.

What behavioral tools can induce executives and directors to behave more ethically on the individual level? 
What motivates individuals involved in corporate wrongdoing?
What institutional tools can be employed to enhance the ethicality of corporations? 
Can lab results inform legal policymaking?
How do Millennials impact firm behavior and its corporate governance structure?


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Jennifer Arlen, New York University
Michal Barzuza, University of Virginia
Max H. Bazerman, Harvard University
Aharon Cohen-Mohliver, London Business School
Yuval Feldman, Bar-Ilan University
Jesse Fried, Harvard University
Zohar Goshen, Columbia University
Geneviève Helleringer, University of Oxford/ESSEC Business School
Yotam Kaplan, Bar-Ilan University
Kobi Kastiel, Tel Aviv University
Hajin Kim, The University of Chicago
Nathalie Klein Selle, University of Amsterdam
Tami Kricheli, Tel Aviv University
Donald Langevoort, Georgetown University
Adi Libson, Bar-Ilan University
Nina Mazar, Boston University
Mae McDonnell, University of Pennsylvania
Ewout Meijer, Maastricht University
Gideon Parcomovsky, The Hebrew University/ University of Pennsylvania
Ilana Ritov, The Hebrew University
Sunita Sah, Cornell University
Roy Shapira, IDC Herzliya
Eugene Soltes, Harvard University
Holger Spamann, Harvard University
Eyal Zamir, The Hebrew University