The 12th Midrasha Mathematicae: Higher Teichmüller Theory, Clusters and Quantization

Sun, 11/05/2008 to Mon, 19/05/2008

The 12th Midrasha Mathematicae

Higher Teichmüller Theory, Clusters and Quantization

Event date: 11-19 May 2008

General Director: Peter Sarnak, Princeton University

Alexander B. Goncharov, Brown University
David Kazhdan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The school will highlight two themes: Higher Teichmüller Theory and its quantization, and cluster algebras of finite type and cluster categories. The goal of the school is to promote collaboration and understanding between leading mathematicians in the four following areas: Geometry, Representation Theory, Mathematical Physics and Algebra/Combinatorics.


Marc Burger, ETH Zurich
Vladimir V. Fock, Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée
Sergey Fomin, University of Michigan
Alexander Goncharov, Brown University
Bernhard Keller, IMJ-PRG
François Labourie, Université Côte d'Azur
Andrei Zelevinsky, Northeastern University

Distinguished guests:
Arkady Berenstein, University of Oregon
Joseph Bernstein, Tel Aviv University
Michael Gekhtman, University of Notre Dame
Rinat Kashaev, University of Geneva
Nicolai Reshetichin, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Shapiro, Michigan State University
Yan Soibelman, Kansas State University
Dylan Thurston, Indiana University
Ben Webster, University of Waterloo
Alek Vainshtein, University of Haifa
Milen Yakimov, Louisiana State University