The 17th Midrasha Mathematicae: L-Functions, Spectra and Equidistribution

Wed, 11/12/2013 to Thu, 19/12/2013

The 17th Midrasha Mathematicae

L-Functions, Spectra and Equidistribution

Event date: 11-19 December, 2013

General Director: Peter Sarnak (Princeton University)

Erez Lapid, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Weizmann Institute of Science
Elon Lindenstrauss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jonathan Pila, University of Oxford
Zeev Rudnick, Tel Aviv University


The Midrasha will focus on recent significant developments in number theory and related areas.


The Midrasha will include mini-courses by the following speakers:
Alexander Gamburd, CUNY
Peter Sarnak, Princeton University
Kannan Soundararajan, Stanford University
Umberto Zannier, Scuola Normale Superiore

Sponsorship: ERC