The 19th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: The Economics of Kenneth J. Arrow

Fri, 27/06/2008 to Tue, 08/07/2008

The Economics of Kenneth J. Arrow

General Director:
Eric Maskin, Harvard University

Eyal Winter, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Associate Director:
Menahem Yaari, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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Professor Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Laureate (1972), has been the Director of the Jerusalem Summer School in Economic Theory for eighteen years, since its inception in 1990. In 2008, the Summer School will be devoted to a review and exploration of Professor Arrow’s remarkable achievements in Economic Theory, marking his retirement from the School’s Directorship.

The following areas of investigation will be highlighted, with Professor Arrow’s contributions taking center stage: Social Choice Theory / General Equilibrium Theory / Public Economics / Asymmetric Information in EconomicSystems / Economic Dynamics and Growth / Risk Taking Theory.



Sir Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge
John Geanakoplos, Yale University
Robert Lucas, University of Chicago
Mark Machina, University of California, San Diego
Sir James Mirrlees, University of Cambridge
Roger Myerson, University of Chicago
Herbert Scarf, Yale University
Amartya Sen, Harvard University (by video link)
Eytan Sheshinski, The Hebrew University