The 20th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: The Economics of Contracts

Fri, 19/06/2009 to Tue, 30/06/2009

The Economics of Contracts

General Director:
Eric Maskin, Harvard University

Eyal Winter, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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Contracts − binding agreements between two (or more) parties − underlie an enormous variety of economic phenomena. For example, insurance policies, employment relationships, bank loans, regulatory regimes, sharecropping arrangements, joint ventures, and even political constitutions are often best understood in contractual terms. In 2009 the School will focus on the theory of contracts, with particular emphasis on economic (and some legal) applications.



Philippe Aghion, Harvard University
Omri Ben-Shahar, University of Chicago
Mathias Dewatripont, University of Brussels
Oliver Hart, Harvard University
Bengt Holmstrom, MIT
Eric Maskin, IAS Princeton
Jean Tirole, University of Toulouse