The 27th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: The Theory of Networks

Mon, 27/06/2016 to Wed, 06/07/2016

The Theory of Networks


General Director:

Eric Maskin (Harvard University)


Elchanan Ben-Porath, Codirector (The Hebrew University)
Matthew Jackson (Stanford University)
Benjamin Golub (Harvard University)


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Economic and social interactions often take place through a network - a collection of individuals together with a structure of pairwise connections between them. This year’s Summer School will be devoted to the theory of networks. Aside from presenting the basic theoretical ideas, the School will also include econometric and experimental work and applications to finance and development, among other fields.



Yann Bramoulle, Aix-Marseille University
Esther Duflo, MIT
Matt Elliott, California Institute of Technology
Andrea Galeotti, The European University Institute
Benjamin Golub, Harvard University
Sanjeev Goyal, University of Cambridge
Matthew Jackson, Stanford University
Adam Szeidl, Central European University
 Leeat Yariv, California Institute of Technology