The 2nd Midrasha Mathematicae: Groups and Probability

Sun, 15/03/1998 00:00 to Fri, 20/03/1998 01:00

Groups and Probability

It is hoped that the meeting will be of an interdisciplinary nature, facilitating interaction between experts in group theory, probability, combinatorics and computer science, where groups of Lie type serve as a unifying Leitmotiv.

Specific topics to be addressed include:
- groups of Lie type and their subgroup structure
- probabilistic aspects of finite simple groups
- applications to permutation groups, profinite groups, and other areas
- matrix group algorithms and their use of randomization
- associated Cayley graphs, generating sets and random walks


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Main speakers
There will be four main speakers, each giving a lecture series
consisting of 2-3 talks, as follows:

L. Babai (University of Chicago):
Statistical methods in matrix group algorithms

P. Diaconis (Harvard and Cornell):
Random walks and random elements in finite groups

M.W. Liebeck (Imperial College, London):
Probabilistic methods in simple groups and permutation groups

G.M. Seitz (Eugene, Oregon):
Subgroups of groups of Lie type

Other speakers and participants include:
Bob Beals, Jason Fulman, David Gluck, Moshe Jarden, Gil Kalai,
Charles Leedham-Green, Nati Linial, Alex Lubotzky, Avinoam Mann,
Peter Neumann, Alice Niemeyer, Eamonn O'Brien, Peter Palfy,
Cheryl Praeger, Laci Pyber, Yuval Roichman, Jan Saxl, Eric Schmutz,
Yoav Segev, Akos Seress, Avi Wigderson