The 2nd Winter School in Engineering and Computer Science

Sun, 17/12/2017 to Thu, 21/12/2017

Formal Verification

General Director: Michael Rabin


Orna Kupferman (The Hebrew University)
Moshe Vardi (Rice University)


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Safety-critical computers increasingly affect nearly every aspect of our lives. Computers control the planes we fly on, monitor our health in hospitals and do our work in hazardous environments.  Computers with software deficiencies have resulted in catastrophic failures. The goal of formal verification is to to improve the safety and reliability of such hardware and software systems.

Formal Verification is the study of algorithms and structures applicable to the verification of hardware and software designs.  It draws upon ideas and results from logic, graph theory, and automata theory, and combines theoretical and experimental aspects. While 30 years ago this was a subject of academic interest only, today, many companies use formal verification as an integral part of the development process.

The IIAS Winter School on Formal Verification would bring together several leading researchers to cover the mathematicall and algorithmic foundations of the field, as well as to discuss its application in industry, and its impact on related areas in computer science.


Confirmed Speakers:

Rabin Lecture: Thomas A. Henzinger


Christel Baier: Probabilistic verification
Javier Esparza: Linear-time verification
Bernd Finkbeiner: Temporal synthesis

Orna Grumberg: Algorithmic model checking

Formal verification in related-areas panel:
Danny Dolev: Cybersecurity
David Harel: Computational Biology
Noam Nissan: Algorithmic Game Theory

Industrial Formal Verification Panel:

 Eytan ​Dreyfus, Cindy Eisner, Gila Kamhi

Historical Lecture:

Moshe Vardi: From Aristotle to the Iphone