The 5th Advanced School in Computer Science and Engineering: AI for Better Medicine

Sun, 15/01/2023 to Thu, 19/01/2023



Moshe Vardi, Rice University



Nir Friedman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Michal Rosen-Zvi, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Healthcare and medicine are undergoing a rapid and radical transformation. Technological breakthroughs increasingly allow for high-resolution medical history and measurements –- including detailed records of blood works, indications and drug purchases, detailed imaging, molecular profiles of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and dense temporal behavioral and physiological recordings — generating a deluge of data on each patient. Still, medical research and medical practice are struggling to handle this wealth of information, and how to exploit it for a better understanding of disease and to improve medical practice.

Part of the solutions to better use these masses of data are based on the rapidly evolving disciplines of AI and data science. Automation is clearly the only viable way to scale data “mining” of such amounts of diverse data.

The emerging interface between AI and medicine poses unique challenges and opportunities. This one-week Winter School will bring together top international researchers to present the current state of the field and discuss emerging future directions. The program will include tutorials, hands-on sessions, panel discussions, and multiple opportunities for networking between students and faculty.


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