The 5th Advanced School in the Humanities: Grammar Wars

Sun, 29/05/2022 to Thu, 02/06/2022


Grammar Wars



Anthony Grafton (Princeton University)



Yigal Bronner (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
David Shulman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Grammar, narrowly defined, might not seem a likely arena for fierce intra-cultural or inter-cultural conflict—yet it has indeed been just that in many of the great civilizations. Broadly defined, grammar—including primary notions about language and what it can and cannot express, about the way the world is put together and how one can see this in syntax, morpho-phonemics, and phono-aesthetics, and about poetic figuration and the intensified perception it enables—is often a battleground of choice between rival factions, and not only in the purely intellectual sphere. This Advanced School will examine these themes in a comparative perspective.



E. Annamalai, University of Chicago
Eleanor Dickey, University of Reading
Uri Gabbay, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sivan Goren, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Eitan Grossman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Charles Hallisey, Harvard Divinity School
Yitzhak Hen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Wai-yee Li, Harvard University
Federico Masini, Sapienza University of Rome
Glenn Most, Scuola Normale Superiore
Maren Niehoff, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yakir Paz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Andrew Plaks, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Josef Stern, University of Chicago
Gary Tubb, University of Chicago


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