The 5th Jerusalem Spring School in Life Sciences: Developmental Immunology

Sun, 14/04/1996 to Fri, 19/04/1996



David Baltimore, MIT
Alex Levitzki, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The workshop will explore the range of issues brought up by contemporary experimentation on the development of B and T cells. The events that lead to cellular commitment to particular lineages, immunoglobulin and T cell diversity, allelic exclusion, and functional activation will be particular foci for discussion.



David Baltimore, MIT
Yehudit Bergman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Harald von Boehmer, Hopital Necker, Paris
Martin Gellert, National Institutes of Health
Adi Kimchi, Weizmann Institute of Science
Diane Mathis, IGBMC, Strasbourg
Klaus Rajewsky, Institute of Genetics, Cologne
Irving Weissman, Stanford University