Bounded Rationality (Research Group Conference)

Tue, 29/05/2012 to Mon, 04/06/2012



Elchanan Ben-Porath, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The conference will bring together twenty-two leading scholars in economic theory whose research focuses on bounded rationality, and will explore the wide range of possible applications of models of bounded rationality. A variety of context will be discussed, such as political competition, principal-agent models, asset pricing, financial reporting, mechanism design, and repeated games.



Robert Aumann, The Hebrew University
Maya Bar-Hillel, The Hebrew University
Andrew Caplin, New York University
Kfir Eliaz, Brown University
Ignacio Esponda, New York University
Erik Eyster, London School of Economics
Dean Foster, University of Pennsylvania
Itzhak Gilboa, Tel Aviv University
Aviad Heifetz, The Open University
Sergiu Hart, The Hebrew University
Philippe Jehiel, Paris School of Economics
Yusufcan Masatlioglu, University of Michigan
Kristof Madarasz, London School of Economics
Abraham Neyman, The Hebrew University
Noam Nisan, The Hebrew University
Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University
Larry Samuelson, Yale University
Ron Siegel, Northwestern University
Joel Sobel, University of California San Diego
Ran Spiegler, Tel Aviv University
Tomasz Strzalecki, Harvard University
Eyal Winter, The Hebrew University