Chinese and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (Research Group Conference)

Mon, 16/06/2014 to Wed, 18/06/2014


International Research Conference of the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) and the Israel Science Foundation
With additional support from the Louis Freiberg Center for East Asian Studies  and the Confucius Institute, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 



Yael Bentor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Meir Shahar (Tel Aviv University)


Tantric Buddhism (also known as Esoteric Buddhism) has exerted a tremendous impact upon the Chinese and the Tibetan civilizations alike. The conference will examine the diverse aspects of this religious movement, as well as its role in the Sino-Tibetan cultural exchange.


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Yael Bentor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IIAS)
Ester Bianchi (University of Perugia)
Megan Bryson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Hou Chong (Shanghai Normal University)
Jacob P. Dalton (University of California, Berkeley)
Penpa Dorjee (Central University of Tibetan Studies, Varanasi)
Vincent Durand-Dastès (INALCO, Centre d’études chinoises, Equipe ASIEs, Paris)
Yang Fuxue (Dunhuang Research Academy, Lanzhou)
Hou Haoran (Leipzig University)
Fabienne Jagou (École française d’Extrême-Orient, Paris)
Gazang Jiacheng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing)
Lü Jianfu (Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an & IIAS)
Leonard van der Kuijp (Harvard University, Cambridge)
Eran Laish (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IIAS)
Li Ling (National Museum of China, Beijing & IIAS)
Dan Martin (Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem)
Carmen Meinert (Ruhr University, Bochum)
Charles D. Orzech (University of Glasgow)
Lin Peiying (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Jampa Samten (Central University for Tibetan Studies, Varanasi & IIAS)
Meir Shahar (Tel Aviv University & IIAS)
Sudan Shakya (Shuchiin University, Kyoto)
Robert H. Sharf (University of California, Berkeley)
Henrik Sørensen (Copenhagen Seminar of Buddhist Studies)
Dorji Wangchuk (University of Hamburg)
Shen Weirong (Renmin University, Beijing)
Nobuyoshi Yamabe (Tokyo University of Agriculture)
Yan Yaozhong (Fudan University, Shanghai & IIAS)