Continuity and Innovation in the Magical Tradition (Research Group Conference)

Mon, 17/07/2006 to Wed, 19/07/2006



Gideon Bohak, Tel Aviv University
Yuval Harari, Ben-Gurion University
Shaul Shaked, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


This conference of the "Occult Powers and Officiants in Non-official Cults within Near Eastern Cultures" Research Group is on the topic of "Continuity and Innovation in the Magical Tradition".

The conference will address a wide range of issues relating to the transmission and transformation of magical texts and practices in different magical traditions, from Mesopotamia and Egypt to the Classical world, the Jewish world, and the Christian and Muslim worlds up to the Middle Ages.

Supported by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities



Tzvi Abusch, Brandeis University
Gideon Bohak, Tel Aviv University
Jacco Dieleman, Princeton University
Christopher A. Faraone, University of Chicago
Fritz Graf, Ohio State University
Ithamar Gruenwald, Tel Aviv University
Alexander Fodor, Eötvös Loránd University
Yuval Harari, Ben-Gurion University
Reimund Leicht, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dan Levene, University of Southampton
Joachim Friedrich Quack, Heidelberg University
Shaul Shaked, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Kocku von Stuckrad, University of Groningen