Homogeneous Dynamics, Unipotent Flows and Applications (Research Group Conference)

Sun, 13/10/2013 to Thu, 17/10/2013



Peter Sarnak, IAS Princeton
Elon Lindenstrauss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Shahar Mozes, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In homogenous dynamics one employs the tools of ergodic theory and the mathematical theory of dynamical systems to the study of a class of dynamical systems on homogenous spaces. A good example of a homogeneous space is the space of lattices in d-dimensional Euclidean space. There are several natural and interesting flows -- or more generally group actions -- one can consider in this context. One general class is the class of unipotent flows, where the action is given by the polynomials (rather than e.g. exponential functions).

One of the main themes of the conference is the successful application of results concerning the structure of various flows on homogeneous spaces, and in particular of unipotent flows, to arithmetic problems as well as to other mathematical areas.

The conference, held in collaboration with the ERC project 'Dynamics on Homogeneous Spaces, Spectra and Arithmetic', will honour Marina Ratner and her work, particularly her landmark work on unipotent flows.