Innovations in Algorithmic Game Theory (Research Group Conference)

Sun, 22/05/2011 to Wed, 25/05/2011




Michal Feldman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Noam Nisan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


At the approximate age of 10 years, it seems that the field of Algorithmic Game Theory is maturing. Innovations in Algorithmic Game Theory seeks to sway its path for the next decade by focusing on research that carries strong conceptual messages and broadens the scope of the interface between economics, game theory and computer science. e.g., propose new concepts and techniques, introduce novel applications and draw attention to interesting connections between AGT's parent disciplines.


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Moshe Babaioff, Microsoft Research
Nina Balcan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sushil Bikhchandani, UCLA
Avrim Blum, Carnegie Mellon University
Liad Blumrosen, The Hebrew University
Jing Chen, MIT
Yiling Chen, Harvard University
Vincent Conitzer, Duke University
Constantinos Daskalakis, MIT
Shahar Dobzinski, Cornell University
Edith Elkind, Nanyang Technological University
Michal Feldman, The Hebrew University
Amos Fiat, Tel Aviv University
Lisa Fleischer, Dartmouth
Paul Goldberg, University of Liverpool
Sergiu Hart, The Hebrew University
Jason Hartline, Northwestern University
Nicole Immorlica, Northwestern University
Albert Xin Jiang, University of British Columbia
Anna Karlin, University of Washington
Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia
Nati Linial, The Hebrew University
Stefano Leonardi, Sapienza University of Rome
Yishay Mansour, Tel Aviv University
Silvio Micali, MIT
Elchanan Mossel, UC Berkeley & Weizmann Institute
Abraham Neyman, The Hebrew University
Noam Nisan, The Hebrew University
Asu Ozdaglar, MIT
Christos Papadimitriou, UC Berkeley
Michael O. Rabin, The Hebrew University & Harvard University
Jeff Rosenschein, The Hebrew University
Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University
Eva Tardos, Cornell University
Moshe Tennenholtz, Technion & Microsoft Israel R&D Center
Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Institute of Technology
Angelina Vidali, University of Vienna