Integrability and Gauge/String Theory: Spectrum, Correlation Functions and Amplitudes (Research Group Conference)

Mon, 02/04/2012 to Thu, 05/04/2012



Romuald Janik, Jagiellonian University
Matthias Staudacher, Humboldt University


The conference will bring together the many different strands of research ideas which constitute the focus of the research group:

- The spectral problem of AdS/CFT and current progress in its exact formation
- Correlation functions
- Novel applications of integrability to the quark-antiquark potential in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory



A. Babichenko, Weizmann Institute
J. Balog, Wigner Research Center for Physics, Budapest
M. Berkooz, Weizmann Institute
N. Drukker, King's College, London
S. Frolov, Trinity College, Dublin
N. Gromov, King's College, London
G. Gur-Ari, Weizmann Institute
B. Kol, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
D. Serban, CEA Saclay
A. Sever, IAS Princeton
C. Sonnenschein, Tel Aviv University
P. Vieira, Perimeter Institute
K. Zarembo, Nordita