The Jerusalem 12th Advanced School in Life Sciences: Cortical Imaging

Sat, 10/04/2004

Cortical Imaging

General Director:
Bert Sakmann (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg)

Amiram Grinvald (Weizmann Institute of Science)

During the last few decades, neuroscientists have benefited from the emergence of many powerful functional imaging technologies that cover multiple spatial and temporal scales. One can now image single molecules controlling cell differentiation, growth, and death; single cells and their neuritis processing electrical inputs and sending an output; neuronal circuits in vitro performing neural computations, and the intact brain. Among the technologies that can help in visualizing the neo cortex in action, and in deciphering the underlying principle of its operation, are positron emission tomography (PET), functional MRI and various optical imaging methodologies. The techniques have paved the way for a new era in functional imaging and facilitated the exploration of fundamental mechanisms underlying neo cortical development, function, and plasticity at the fundamental level of the cortical column. The school will feature leading lectures in this field who will present both the technical aspect as well as cutting-edge results.