Jewish Law and the Laws of the Nations: Modern Jewish History through a Legal Lens (Research Group Conference)

Tue, 11/06/2019 to Wed, 12/06/2019



Jay Berkovitz (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Arye Edrei (Tel Aviv University)


This conference will explore the crucial contribution that legal texts offer for understanding both the internal dynamics of Jewish life and the integration ofJews in the larger society and culture. Participants will examine law as a vital source of historical narrative, and how law functioned concretely within the social and political realities of early modern and modern Europe. We will also assess how notions of Jewish law in the U.S. and Israel have drawn on models of early modern Jewish self-government.


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Kenneth Pennington, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.


Jay Berkovits, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Benny Brown, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Arye Edrei, Tel Aviv University
Adam Ferzinger, Bar-Ilan University
Edward Fram, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Debra Kaplan, Bar-Ilan University
Verena Kasper-Marienberg, North Carolina State University
Stefan Litt, National Library of Israel
Suzanne Last Stone, Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University
Evelyne Oliel-Grausz, Université Paris 1 / CRFJ
Stephan Wendehorst, University of Vienna