Macromolecular Assemblies at the Crossroads of Cell Stress and Function

Sun, 31/05/2015 to Thu, 04/06/2015
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An IIAS-ISF-EMBO Conference



Daniel Kaganovich, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Hermona Soreq, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Thomas Nystrom, University of Gothenburg
Jeremy England, MIT
Bart De Strooper, University of Leuven
Eran Hornstein, Weizmann Institute of Science
Erik Storkebaum, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine


In this EMBO Workshop we will explore recent developments in the field and examine models of aging and disease, and their emerging connection to nano-scale organization of the cytoplasm and RNP granules, as well as protein and RNA quality control.

This EMBO Workshop was designed to bring together leading experts on human aging-related diseases as well as animal models of aging and disease, high-resolution and single molecule live cell imaging of biological events relevant to understanding stress response, biophysical and theoretical analysis of protein organization in the cytoplasm, and cell biology of protein folding quality control.


- RNP granules in RNA quality control and dynamics
- Meso-scale organization of protein mixtures and phase transitions in the cytoplasm
- Aggregation, stress, and brain diseases
- RNA and Neurodegeneration
- Cellular architecture of protein quality control and aggregation
- Aging, replicative rejuvenation, and asymmetric inheritance
- Inclusions in cellular regulation and disease
- Protein degratation in proteostasis and quality control



Adriano Aguzzi, Switzerland
Simon Alberti, Germany
Gil Ast, Israel
Yves Barral, Switzerland
Anat Ben-Zvi, Israel
Nanci Bonini, USA
Robert Bowser, USA
Irene Bozzoni, Italy
Clifford P. Brangwynne, USA
Jeffery Brodsky, USA
Robert H. Brown Jr., USA
Serena Carra, Italy
Ibrahim Cissé, USA
Don Cleveland, USA
Ehud Cohen, Israel
Karen Duff, USA
Luc Dupuis, France
Heather Durham, Canada
Fen-Biao Gao, USA
Richard Gardner, USA
Jeffery Gerst, Israel
Aaron D. Gitler, USA
Michael Glickman, Israel
Alfred Goldberg, USA
Pierre Goloubinoff, Switzerland
Adrian Israelson, Israel
Ursula Jakob, USA
Daniel F. Jarosz, USA
Sebastian Kadener, Israel
Harm Kampinga, Netherlands
Pekka Katajisto, Finland
Tomas Kirchhausen, USA
Roger Kornberg, USA
Min Jeong Kye, Germany
Susan Liebman, USA
Susan Michaelis, USA
Eran Meshorer, Israel
Ellen Nollen, Holland
Tiago Outeiro, Germany
Eran Perlson, Israel
Gregory Petsko, USA
Marco Prado, Canada
Dana Reichmann, Israel
Silvio O. Rizzoli, Germany
Michael K. Rosen, USA
Irit Sagi, Israel
Maya Schuldiner, Israel
Michal Schwartz, Israel
Christopher Shaw, UK
Michael Y. Sherman, USA
Sagiv Shifman, Israel
Jim Shorter, USA
Michael Strong, Canada
J. Paul Taylor, USA
Herman Wolosker, Israel
Benjamin Wolozin, USA