New Work in Political Philosophy

Tue, 24/05/2016 to Thu, 26/05/2016
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David Enoch (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Niko Kolodny (UC Berkeley)


Some conferences have a rather clear and well-defined topic, around which all discussions are conducted. Others are more about getting good researchers in one room to talk about their more loosely-related work. This conference will be the latter kind. Though by-and-large concentrating on political philosophy – the philosophical subdiscipline that focuses on normative questions about states and other large collectives, and that poses questions about their legitimacy, their appropriate aims, the restrictions on the means they may use to pursue those aims, and so on – there will be no more specific guiding theme. Topics to be discussed include political obligation, the moral significance of conventions, the nature of political freedom, the nature of exchange, the values of wellbeing and autonomy, the details of consent to sex, and moral aggregation.



Daniel Attas, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Seth Lazar, Australian National University
Jed Lewinsohn, Harvard University
Véronique Munoz-Dardé, UC Berkeley
David Owens, King’s College London
Japa Pallikkathayil, University of Pittsburgh
Samuel Scheffler, New York University
Assaf Sharon, Tel Aviv Univesrity
Laura Valentini, London School of Economics
Steven Wall, University of Arizona