Rabin Lecture on Algorand: The Truly Distributed Blockchain (ZOOM event)

Mon, 07/12/202015:00
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The Advanced School in Computer Science & Engineering invites you to this year's Rabin Lecture, delivered by Prof. Silvio Micali (MIT). 



In its ideal model, a blockchain consists of a digital ledger of unalterable data, readable by everyone, to which every everyone can add new data. If adequately implemented, this model stands to revolutionize the way societies and traditional economies operate. By removing costly intermediaries and introducing new paradigms of trust, the model makes traditional transactions (e.g., payments) more efficient, and totally new ways of transacting (e.g., smart contracts) possible.

Unfortunately, as currently implemented, most blockchains cannot achieve their enormous potential. We shall argue, however, that they can be adequately implemented by means of dramatically different approaches.


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