Fourth Israeli Workshop For Women in Mathematics

Mon, 08/10/2018 to Thu, 11/10/2018
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Sde Boker



Shiri Artstein (Tel Aviv University)
Tamar Ziegler (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


The aim of the workshop is to build a supportive community of female mathematicians, especially in light of the unduly low percentage of women among mathematics academics in Israel. Rinat Kedem (University of Illinois) and Shiri Artstein (Tel Aviv University) will present the week’s two main courses, on cluster algebras and convexity theory. The program will also include tutorials, short lectures by PhD students, and social events, such as a mathematical movie night, a lecture about gender and science, and yoga classes. 

This conference will strive to help emerging female mathematicians find their own voices. We hope that the connections formed during this conference will be maintained beyond the sessions, and nurtured into lifelong relationships.