General Information

Transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

You will be arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport, which is located about 40 minutes from Jerusalem.

There are several options for transportation from the airport to Jerusalem: 

  1. Private taxis can be found as you exit the arrivals terminal, and cost about 250-300 NIS.
  2. Nesher Taxi is a door-to-door shuttle service, providing transportation between the airport and Jerusalem. They operate 24/7 (including Saturdays) and drop off passengers in all neighborhoods. From the airport to Jerusalem, you do not need to reserve in advance; however, from Jerusalem to the airport it is advised to reserve 12-24 hours in advance. Have your destination address ready to provide them with - you will be asked where you are travelling to before boarding the shuttle. Follow the "Shuttle" sign at the end of the arrivals hall to find the Nesher station. Price is 64 NIS or $20, cash only. Further information is available on the Nesher Website.
  3. Afikim Bus Line 485: This bus line leaves every hour on the hour (24/6) from Ben Gurion Airport to nearby the University. Price is 16 NIS ($4.50). Buses run until 2pm on Fridays, and restart at approx. 2hrs after nightfall on Saturday. Exact bus route and details can be found here.
  4. High-speed train between Ben-Gurion Airport and Jerusalem: A new high-speed train has recently opened between Ben-Gurion Airport and Jerusalem (Yitzhak Navon Station), and trains run every half hour between 06:30-21:30, Sunday-Thursday. Tickets can be bought at the station. Plan your train journey on the Israel Railways website.

Further information is available on the AIRPORT WEBSITE


Conference Venue

The Conference will take place at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) located at The Hebrew University, the Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram (The Hebrew University has several campuses). Walking from the main pedestrian gate, the Institute is the third building (Feldman building) on the right. Lectures will be held on the first floor.

In google maps

You may be required to show your passport or other I.D. when entering the campus through the main gate, and bags may be checked.


Campus map

A map of The Hebrew University, Edmond J.Safra Campus (Givat Ram) can be found HERE.


Parking on Campus

There are a few parking options in the vicinity, as displayed on the following map. Parking on campus will be available for speakers only. 



Computer Connections and Working Space in the Institute

Please bring your laptop with you, if you wish to use a computer during the conference for your personal needs. There is free access to wireless Internet (WiFi) on campus. The network name is (SSID) “HUJI-guest” (no password is needed).


Current events and attractions in Jerusalem

Updated information on current events and attractions in Jerusalem may be found on the following websites:



Information and weather updates may be found on the following websites:

Weather In Israel



You will receive an email a week before the conference with more detailed information on the schedule and your stay in Jerusalem.