Han Zhai

Han Zhai
Wuhan University

Han Zhai, Ph.D (2017), Tilburg University, is the lecturer of constitutional law at Wuhan University, China. She holds an LL.M of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law and an LL.B of Inner Mongolia University. The edited version of her PhD thesis, Constitutional Identity of Contemporary China: the Unitary System and Its Internal Logic, will be published by BRILL in late 2019. Her proposed research in the 2019-2020 Research Group 'Constitutional Transplantation' is on the constitutional fate of post-war East Asia.

She is also an invited research fellow in the 15-country comparative project Government by Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis of How New Technologies Changes and Influenced the Administration and Judiciary since 2018, initiated by Leiden University and the Société de Législation Comparée. She works as the executive editor of the collected translation series Contemporary China in the overseas studies since 2018, established by the Central Institute of Socialism, China.

In the early career period, her research topics include

·         Comparative constitutional law: socialist constitutional legacies, regional constitutional orders in the post-WWII era, the internal vulnerability and openness of the 'reforming' constitutions

·         Constitutional politics: party law, secession and regional independence

·         Chinese constitutional history of the reform era: the CCP's epistemological understandings on the concepts of constitutional law and legalism, the constitutional implications of the developing fiscal system in contemporary China

·         Research methodologies and professional ethics: defining the post-1978 constitutional law scholarship in China, methodological approaches in studying constitutional issues in a realistic context.

Contact information: hzhai@outlook.com