Michael Karayanni

The Hebrew University

Michael Karayanni is a professor of Law at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Karayanni graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School (SJD, 2003) and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LLD (Hons.), 2000). His research interests include private international law and inter-religious law, multiculturalism and civil procedure.

He has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Israeli Arab Scholarship Program, awarded by the United States Embassy in Tel-Aviv for Graduate Studies in the United States (1992-1994), the Allan Bronfman Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in the Humanities and Law (2000), the Zeltenr Award for Young Scholar (2002), the Fulbright Fellowship (2002-2003), the Rothschild Fellowship (2002-2003, and the Ma’of Fellowship (2003-2006).