Rina Talgam

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rina Talgam is Professor of the History of Art at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests include the art of the Middle East from the Hellenistic period to the early Islamic period, specialization in mosaic pavements and the mutual influences between “paganism,” Judaism, Samaratinism, Christianity and Islam, the emergence and the sources of Umayyad sculpture and architectural decoration and the ekphraseis written in Gaza in the sixth century. Publications include, with Zeev Weiss, The Mosaics of the House of Dionysos at Sepphoris: Excavated by E. M. Meyers, E. Netzer and C. L. Meyers Qedem 44, Jerusalem (2004) and The Stylistic Origins of Umayyad Sculpture and Architectural Decoration, published by The Harrassowitz Publishing House, 2004.

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