Ashraf Brik

Bioorganic and Medical Chemistry

Ashraf Brik is a Full Professor of Chemistry at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Technion in 2001. From 2002 to 2006, he was a Research Associate at the Scripps Research Institute. In 2007, Prof. Brik joined Ben-Gurion University, and moved to the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion in 2015.

Prof. Brik is recognized for his seminal contributions for the development of chemical approaches to prepare posttranslationally modified proteins (e.g. ubiquitinated proteins) for biochemical, biophysical and functional studies. Prof. Brik is the recipient of numerous awards including the recent 11th Hirala Award and the Bessel Research Award of the Humboldt Foundation (2015). Professor Ashraf Brik is a world leader in the fields of bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. The revolutionary chemical and biological tools that he developed have enabled the systematic understanding of cellular processes that are core components of several disease types, such as neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer. Professor Brik’s ability to identify an important problem in polypeptide synthesis and to solve it by taking full advantage of his novel chemical tools, has been nothing short of masterful. Ashraf is a unique practitioner of chemical protein synthesis. He is boldly pushing the boundaries of the field, while simultaneously contributing to the fundamental chemical innovations needed for the discipline to grow. For these, and other achievements, Professor Ashraf Brik has been chosen by the Award Committee to receive the 2017 Bruno Award.




21-23 November 2021: Chemical Biology Workshop. View the event page here.



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