Tara DePorte

Executive Director
The Human Impacts Institute

Tara founded the Human Impacts Institute in 2010, seeing a need for creative approaches to building the global climate movement. Tara has more than twenty years of experience in community engagement and environmental communications. She is the recipient of numerous international honors for her climate and arts work, including two research fellowships at IMéRA Institute for Advanced Studies (France), two fellowships on climate, energy and policy with the Federal Republic of Germany, U.S. Department of State Professional Fellow for Social Entrepreneurship, United Nations Expert Delegate with the Republic of China (Taiwan), among others.

With a Master of Arts degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Impacts on Ecosystems from the University of Virginia, Tara’s formal education focused on issues of sustainable development, society, and the environment. Professionally, her international experience includes work throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, working with colleagues throughout the world on creative community development, environmental education, social justice, policy and networking.

Tara is also an adjunct professor at Webster University in the Netherlands and has developed and led courses at the New School, Syracuse University, and Columbia University.

As a visual artist, Tara has exhibited and performed her work in galleries and museums in six countries. Her personal website is TaraDePorte.com.