Yan Yaozhong

Fudan University

Yan Yaozhong is a professor in Department of History at Fudan University, National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies. He is also the Vice President of The Wei-Jin and Nan-Bei Dynasty Society of China and Vice President of the Shanghai Association of Religious Studies. He has been a Visiting Scholar and Guest Research Fellow at the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Fudan University, the Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto, and the Department of Religion at McMaster University in Canada. Yan Yaozhong has, on many occasions, been awarded a Certification of Merit – The Praise of Shanghai Government in the Domain of Philosophy and the Social Sciences His publications include Religion and Subsistence Consciousness in China, Shanghai Xuelin Publishing House, China, 1991, and Buddhist Monastic Law and Chinese Society, Shanghai People´s Publishing House, 2007.