SIAS (Some Institutes for Advanced Study) is a network of ten Institutes for Advanced Study worldwide that were founded on the principles of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. The member institutes provide an environment for extensive and highly specialized research, without frontal teaching or laboratories, which enables academic growth and interdisciplinary collaboration. The directors of each member institute meet annually to exchange ideas and further develop the institutes.



IAS              CASBS        NIAS             IIAS


National Humanities Centre    Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin            Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study



Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study       Stellenbosche Institute for Advanced Study              Institut d’études avancées de Nantes               


Members of SIAS (in order of foundation):


Forthcoming Directors’ meetings:

2022 – Stellenbosch (STIAS)

2023 – Amsterdam (NIAS)

2024 – Cambridge MA (RIAS)

2025 – Jerusalem (IIAS)

2026 – North Carolina (NHC)

2027 – Princeton (IAS)

2028 – Nantes (IEAN)

2029 – Stanford (CASBS)

2030 – Uppsala (SCAS)

2031 – Berlin (Wiko)