The 24th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory: Decision Making

Mon, 10/06/2013 to Wed, 19/06/2013


Decision Making



Prof Eric Maskin (Harvard University)
Prof Eyal Winter (The Hebrew Univeristy)


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Decision making is at the heart of economics: production, exchange, and consumption are all the result of choices made by individual agents. For over sixty years, the benchmark framework for studying agents' decisions whose consequences are uncertain has been the expected utility model. But anomalies from experimental work in psychology and behavioral economics have led to revisions of expected utility and of utility theory more generally. The Summer School will explore both the standard model and some of the most important alternatives.



    Maya Bar-Hillel, The Hebrew University
    Itzhak Gilboa, Tel Aviv University
    Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University
    David Laibson, Harvard University
    Mark Machina, University of California, San Diego
    Eric Maskin, Harvard University
    Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Princeton University
    Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University
    Eyal  Winter, The Hebrew University