Encountering Scripture in Overlapping Cultures (Reunion Conference)

Mon, 02/07/2012 to Wed, 04/07/2012



Meir Bar-Asher, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mordechai Cohen, Yeshiva University


This reunion conference of the Research Group "Encountering Scripture In Overlapping Cultures: Early Jewish, Christian And Muslim Strategies Of Reading And Their Contemporary Implications" is dedicated to the memory of Pnina Feldman, IAS Associate Director, 2000-2010. This meeting will harvest the fruits of the interdisciplinary research of the group represented by the scholarly volume that its members are producing jointly.



Meir Bar-Asher, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Adele Berlin, University of Maryland
Mordechai Cohen, Yeshiva University
Rita Copeland, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Gleave, University of Exeter
Sidney Griffith, The Catholic University of America
Andrew Kraebel, Trinity University
James Kugel, Bar-Ilan University
Meira Polliack, Tel Aviv University
Stephen Prickett, University of Glasgow
John Whitman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem