Life Sciences - Advanced School: 2018-2019


Signal Transduction The Jerusalem 25th Advanced School in Life Sciences

Event date: November 4 - November 8, 2018 

Organizers: Hermona Soreq (The Hebrew University)
David Engelberg (The Hebrew University)
Mickey Kosloff (University of Haifa)

General Director: Roger Kornberg (Stanford University)

Signals are transduced from the environment and from within cells to control gene expression and cell fate.  Signal transduction underlies many pathologies, including cancer, inflammation, neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease.  A majority of drugs target signal transduction pathways.  The 25th Advanced School in the Life Sciences will review the field and related studies.  Leaders from Israel and abroad will describe the history and current status of their research.

The School honors the memory of Zvi Selinger, ten years after his passing. Selinger was a pioneer in the signal transduction field.  His bold hypothesis of a GTPase cycle and brilliant experimental work inspired others, and laid a basis for subsequent research.





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