Weekly Seminar: Cultural Brokerage in Pre-modern Islam

Yearly Semester, Monday 17:30

We are pleased to invite you to join the weekly seminars of the research group “Cultural Brokerage in Pre-modern Islam” at the Israeli Institute of Advanced Studies of Jerusalem.


The group consists of researchers from Israel and abroad whose research focuses on various aspects of cultural agency in the Islamic world between the seventh and fifteenth centuries.


For more information about the group, please see here.


Seminar meetings will be conducted in English on Mondays between 17:30-19:00 (Israel time) via zoom. Our hope is to hold physical meetings at the IIAS once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


To join our mailing list, please send an email to the group’s research assistant, Alon Ben Yehuda:




The Sociology of Culture: Theoretical Concepts (Seminar)
Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro, University of Haifa
The Sociology of Culture: Theoretical Concepts Part II (Seminar)
Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro, University of Haifa
Choosing Truth over Facts: Maimonides’ Finessing of Kalam Attribute Theory (Seminar)
Prof. Y. Tzvi Langermann, Bar-Ilan University
Plot-and-berm agroecosystems in sand hinterlands around the Mediterranean basin: A case of regional agri-cultural connectivity under Muslim rule? (Seminar)
Dr. Itamar Taxel and Dr. Joel Roskin, Israel Antiquities Authority
Badr al-Jamālī's Armenian identity and its effect on Egyptian architecture and demography (Seminar)
Dr. Moshe Yagur, Tel Aviv University
Frankish Viticulture and Sugar Industry in the Latin East: between East and West (Seminar)
Dr. Rabei Khamisy, University of Haifa
Ibn Taymiyya, The Monolatric Imperative, and Reluctant Cultural Brokerage (Seminar)
Dr. Daniel Lav, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Embedment of Islamic Sainthood in the Hagiographical Traditions of Medieval Syria (Seminar)
Prof. Daphna Ephrat, The Open University of Israel
The Migration of Arabic Knowledge to Medieval (Christian and Jewish) Europe 1100-1300 (Seminar)
Prof. Yossef Schwartz, Tel Aviv University
(Re)naming the Khan: Muslim and Buddhist Cultural Brokers in the Ilkhanate and the Conversion of Chinggisid Fortune (Seminar)
Dr. Jonathan Brack, Ben-Gurion University
Cultural Brokerage in the Arabic and Persian Mirrors for Princes Literature (10th-12th Centuries) (Seminar)
Prof. Louise Marlow, Fellow (Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA)
Al-Suddī (d. 745) and His Recourse to Pre-Islamic Traditions (Seminar)
Dr. Yosef Witztum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Technological innovation as a cultural brokerage - some examples from Early Islamic Palestine and Jordan (Seminar)
Prof. Gideon Avni, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & IAA
Mystics without (Linguistic) Borders (Seminar)
Dr. Uri Shachar, Ben-Gurion University
Al-Samawʾal’s fakhr: Refashioning the first Arab-Jew (Seminar)
Dr. Oded Zinger and Dr. Guy Ron-Gilboa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Controversies about Astrology in the Arabic and the Byzantine Worlds (Seminar)
Dr. Alberto Bardi, The Polonsky Academy for Advanced Study, Israel
Formulae as a window to Cultural Brokerage: The Case of Catalan Jewish bilingual Charters (Seminar)
Dr. Micha Perry, University of Haifa
Magic and Divination in the Cairo Genizah: Jewish, Muslim and Other Texts (Seminar)
Prof. Gideon Bohak, Tel Aviv University
Social and intellectual processes among the Jews of Egypt in the 15th century (Seminar)
Dr. Dotan Arad, Bar-Ilan University
Clues beneath the Lamp: On Copernicus’s magical “other" (Seminar)
Prof. Avner Ben Zaken, Ono Academic College
A Case of Go-betweens and Cultural Brokers: Cypriot and European/Anatolian Mamlūks and their Role in Interactions between the Mamluk Sultanate and Cyprus (Seminar)
Dr. Koby Yosef, Bar-Ilan University
Jews as Cultural Brokers: The Perpetuation of Arabic Scholarship in Christian Spain (Fourteenth-Fifteenth centuries) (Seminar)
Dr. Ilil Baum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Performers of Basra: The Use of Iconic and Metaphoric Gestures in the Process of Hadith Transmission (8th-9th centuries) (Seminar)
Prof. Livnat Holtzman Bar-Ilan University
The transmission of ancient Near Eastern culture to Islamic civilization (Seminar)
Prof. Adam Silverstein, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Persian Poets and Their Revolutionary Arabic Poetry (Seminar)
Prof. Ali Hussein, University of Haifa
Non-Mālikīs in al-Andalus: the evidence from the biographical tradition (Seminar)
Prof. Camilla Adang, Tel Aviv University
Annual Seminar (TBA)
Prof. Ali Hussein, University of Haifa
Fixers, an Alternative History of Translation and Communication (Seminar)
Prof. Zrinka Stahuljak, University of California
Sulha Mediators in the Galilee as Cultural Brokers between State and Community (Seminar)
Dr. Ido Shahar and Dr. Tamar Parush, University of Haifa
The Emergence of Early Judeo-Persian Literature in Its Wider Islamic Context (Seminar)
Dr. Ofir Haim, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Brokering Culture Across Socio-Political Boundaries: Ḥanafī Immigrants in Fourteenth Century Cairo (Seminar)
Dr. Or Amir, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Haram el Sharif as a 'shared' Sacred Space in the Eyes of Late Medieval Christian Pilgrims (Seminar)
Prof. Iris Shagrir, The Open University, Israel
More Historical than Oracle: Why Did Abbasid-Era Jews Fundamentally Change the Way They Read the Bible? (Seminar)
Dr. Yonatan Moss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
TBA (Seminar)