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The ethnolinguistic listener: narrativity and ideologies of local language in urban Banyuwangi.” In: Goebel (ed.) Rapport and t

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Much is gained by not conceptualizing rapport as atemporal and unstructured, but as a quality that emerges. This quality is maintained (or not), changes, fades or is
cut short. It has ends. It is subject to evaluation and may be challenged. It occurs
in discursive and physical circumstances, as well as a wider social context.
In other words, much is gained by viewing rapport as a phenomenon in a social
life that is felt to comprise a dramatis personae, place, temporality, and plots—a
phenomenon in a world that possesses narrativity. Here I consider the interaction
in which rapport may come into being from this vantage point. The empirical case
study is from the far east of Java, Indonesia.

See also: Humanities, 2019