Featured Story - AT SEA: Storytelling theatre based on a story by S. Yizhar Created by Ruth Kanner



 AT SEA  A storytelling theatre based on a story by S. Yizhar Created by Ruth Kanner

 November 21, 2019 At The IIAS, Eilath hall, Peldman Bld.

 Performers: Shirley Gal, Tali Kark, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovitch, Daniel  Edvardson

 The Ruth Kanner Theatre Group has been engaged, since 1998, in exploring its own surroundings by   searching for a local theatrical language, interweaving storytelling, physical theatre and visual imagery. The  re-examination of Israeli narratives is performed through literary and documentary texts, creating   Storytelling Theatre. 

 Ruth kanner is a current fellow of the Research Group Interrupting Kafka.


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