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Featured Story -"Minorities in Contact in the Medieval Mediterranean"

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  What is a minority? How did members of minority groups in the medieval Mediterranean world interact with contemporaries belonging to other groups? In what ways did those contacts affect their social positions   and identities? The essays collected in this volume approach these questions from a variety of angles, examining polemic, social norms, economic exchange, linguistic transformations, and power dynamics.







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Featured Story -"The Poem – A Love Story"

Agi Mishol, Photo:Bar GordonAgi Mishol was recently published in Haaretz newspaper, and the poems featured are a sample of the work Agi has produced so far as IIAS Artist in Residence.

Here is a translation of the first poem, "The Poem – A Love Story":

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Featured Story - Conversion to Islam in the Pre-modern Age

coverUriel Simonson (University of Haifa) and Luke Yarbrough (UCLA), organizers of the 2020–21 IIAS Research Group  “Cultural Brokerage in Pre-modern Islam,”  are celebrating the publication of a new book that they co-edited with Nimrod Hurvitz (Ben Gurion University) and Christian Sahner (University of Oxford).

Their book, Conversion to Islam in the Premodern Age: A Sourcebook, contains 57 primary-source passages that shed light on processes of conversion across the first millennium of Islamic history.   The selections are introduced and translated, from a dozen languages, by more than forty leading scholars.

The co-editors have contributed sweeping introductions on conversion to Islam as a historical phenomenon spanning eras and far-flung locales.




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Featured Story - Artist in Residence 2020/21 - Agi Mishol

Agi Mishol, one of Israel’s most prominent and popular poets, is the 2020/21 Artist in Residence at the IIAS.
We are delighted to share with you her recent poem, Corona in the Countryside II, which has also been translated into German and English.

Corona in the Countryside II

Now that death creeps round
and I’m peeled down
to a worn-out sweat suit,
down to lumps of cookie crumbs
and afterwards the striped toothpaste
that bursts from the tube

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News 12-11-2018

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