Each year the Institute hosts approximately 40 academics as members of Research Groups. These scholars constitute the vanguard in their various disciplines, coming from a wide range of fields and diverse backgrounds, from Israel and abroad. Free of their normal teaching obligations and administrative duties, their collaborative research at the IIAS enables them to engage in joint research projects. With their fellowship at the Institute as the launching-pad for long-term interaction, the Institute contributes to the interchange of knowledge and the vitality of academic life in Israel and throughout the world.
Daphna Shohamy

Daphna Shohamy

Columbia University

Daphna Shohamy is an associate professor in the Psychology department at Columbia University. Her area of interest is the cognitive neuroscience of learning, memory and decision making. She adopts an integrative approach that draws broadly on neuroscience to make predictions about cognition. Predictions are tested in behavioral and neuroimaging studies in healthy individuals, and in patients with isolated damage to specific brain systems.