Composing a Research Group

Research Groups (RG) are composed by an Organizer. There can be at least five – and no more than eight – Fellows in a RG (one of whom is the Organizer). These Fellows participate in RG activities at the IIAS for the entire period of their residency with their RG (Fellowship).

The choice of proposed Fellows by the Organizer(s) should strategically strengthen the collaborative work of the Research Group. The IIAS encourages diversity within each RG, including the participation of early and mid-career fellows, women, and scholars from a range of geographic locations. Inadequate diversity in the RG will negatively affect the chances of the proposed RG being selected.

Fellows are expected to establish working relationships with their Collaborative Contacts. Networking opportunities for establishing Collaborative Contacts will be available during weekly and monthly seminars. Fellows are encouraged to further pursue such collaborations via social media as well.

Former fellows may apply for a fellowship once 10 years have elapsed from the end of their previous term by the beginning of the academic year of their fellowship. This fellowship is not open to postdoctoral researchers.

The Organizer(s)

Organizers must have a PhD in their field of research and hold a faculty position at an academic institution in Israel or abroad. There can be a maximum of two Organizers per RG, preferably from different academic institutions, and preferably one from Israel and one from abroad.

Before final approval of Research Groups, Organizers are responsible for:

  • nominating the most appropriate scholars as Fellows for their RG

  • acting on behalf of the proposed RG in the application process, including submitting a pre-proposal, conducting a meeting with the IIAS Academic Director and submitting the full proposal.

Organizers must update the IIAS on any changes in the composition of RG Fellows after the submission of the full proposal.

Following the final approval of a Research Groups, Organizers are responsible for:

  • notifying the Fellows and Visiting Scholars, as defined below, of the RG approval

  • appointing a research assistant for the RG, subject to the approval of IIAS

  • compiling a mailing list of PhD students, researchers, graduate students and postdocs in Israel whose research expertise relates to the RG’s research topic (Collaborative Contacts), and share this list with the IIAS

  • being in ongoing contact with the IIAS concerning administrative and academic issues

  • planning with the RG Fellows and Visiting Scholars the program for RG Activities, as outlined in section A.IV. below, and sending a copy of this program to the IIAS.


A Fellow must have a PhD in their field of research and be actively engaged in research in Israel or abroad.

  • No more than two Fellows may be nominated from the same academic institution.

  • Group members need not have worked together or collaborated on research in the past.

  • At least half of the RG fellows must be from abroad.

  • In the case of a 10-month period of residency, only one fellowship may be shared between two Fellows (i.e. 5 months each).

The following may also be included as Fellows in an RG:

  • Young Fellow – A young researcher with affiliation who is within the first seven years of his/her appointment. The seven years will be measured from the start date of his/her appointment as faculty until the beginning of the academic year of his/her Fellowship.

  • Young Non-affiliated Fellow – A young researcher with no affiliation and within three years of receiving PhD approval, provided that they have approval for their PhD at the time of the RG pre-proposal submission.

  • Former Fellows – Former Fellows may participate in new RGs once 10 years have elapsed from the end of their previous term to the beginning of the academic year of their Fellowship. Fellows may be a part of a RG no more than two times in total.

  • Emeriti Fellows – A faculty member emeritus/a during his/her Fellowship.

Visiting Scholars

In addition to the RG Fellows, Organizers may invite up to 3 Visiting Scholars for a total number of up to 9 weeks, from Israel or abroad, to be part of a RG. The minimum stay for a Visiting Scholar is two weeks (10 working days). The final number of Visiting Scholars and duration of visit requires the approval of the academic comittees.

Visiting Scholars may visit more than once during the RG period of residency. Travel expenses coverage is limited to one visit. The maximum reimbursement available for each Visiting Scholar is limited to two visits for a 10-month RG, and one visit for a 5-month and a 3-month RG.